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Musik Kugel​



Musik Kugelは​、瑠璃(二十五絃箏・十三絃箏)と神田晋一郎(ピアノ・作曲)のユニット。この二人ならではのMusik Kugelオリジナル曲に加え、日本の古典、西洋音楽、現代音楽、即興、等を演奏します。

The 13 stringed koto, which has created Japan's unique music, and the 25 stringed koto, which is both new and a throwback to an ancient instrument, are imbued with the eternal flow of time of a wide range of regions from Asia to the Middle East. By encountering these instruments with Western keyboard instruments, you may hear new sounds that you are not used to hearing in classical musical works, or you may feel nostalgic in new music.

Musik Kugel is a unit consisting of Ruli (25 stringed koto, 13 stringed koto) and Shin-ichiro Kanda (piano/composition). In addition to Musik Kugel's original music, they will perform Japanese classical music, Western music, contemporary music, improvisation, etc.

瑠璃    Ruli


幼少より箏を学ぶ。学生時代よりルドルフ・シュタイナーの音楽論を学ぶ。二十五絃箏と出会い、その魅力に感銘を受け演奏活動を始める。インド古典楽器とのユニットnouvelle Muse、ピアノとのデュオMusik Kugel、オイリュトミーとのコラボを映像化する「ことのはなプロジェクト」などにて活動中。

Learned the koto since childhood. Since her student days, she has studied Rudolf Steiner's music theory. She came across the 25 stringed koto, was impressed by its charm, and began her performance career. She performs in projects such as "nouvelle Muse", a unit with Indian classical instruments, "Musik Kugel", a duo with piano, and "Kotonohana Project", which visualizes collaborations with eurythmy.

Ruli's gallary

神田晋一郎  Shin-Ichiro Kanda


音樂美學名義で即興演奏を制御するための作曲と演奏を試みてきた。クラシック・現代音楽からジャズ、即興演奏まで様々なジャンルを越境する。アルバムはBishop Recordsから4作品、Futtari Recordsから1作品​がリリースされている。

Piano/composition. Under the name "Ongaku-Bigaku"(Music Aesthetics), he has been experimenting with composition and performance to control improvisation. He crosses the boundaries of various genres, from classical and contemporary music to jazz and improvisation. 4 albums have been released on Bishop Records and 1 on Futtari Records.

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